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If you've landed on this page, you're probably having sprinkler repair issues. Hello, I'm Tracy and I'm a sprinkler repair specialist living and working in the Temecula valley since 1988. The good news is, whatever's wrong, I can find it and fix it. Not only that, I can fix it properly with the full training of a plumbing apprenticeship (1983), an embarrassing number of years specializing in sprinkler repair and a truck full of only professional quality parts that I am happy to warranty.

Common sprinkler repair problems include:-

A leak causing flooding/mud/water crossing side-walk/insane water bills, etc.

A sudden loss of sufficient pressure to make the heads pop-up and cover evenly.

Hot-spots (burnt grass) from a poorly tuned system.

Irrigation controller turns on - nothing happens on one or more stations.

Irrigation controller dosen't
even turn on anymore.

You hate your irrigation system and believe it was installed by total morons. (Trust me this is common) Lets fix it.

You're expanding/changing things and need a station added/deleted.

Your Drip system needs service or you would like to covert to drip.

Drainage issues.

You just need a seasonal tune-up and timer set.

Regardless of the problem, the estimate is FREE so give Gina a call. She'll make an appointment and I'll come and take a look. You'll recieve a fair quote and work that is guranteed. Incidentally, I was born and raised in the UK until I was 20, so communication is unlikely to be a problem.

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   Sprinkler repair in Temecula Ca.    

Don't pay for the same thing twice.

    Get it fixed correctly the first time by using a trained plumber. A third of the calls I receive are from customers who've had the gardener or a handyman fix things incorrectly only to break again three months later and now it has to be repaired a second time. Let's face it. If the gardener really had the knowledge, experiance and tools to fix irrigation systems properly he wouldn't be a gardener.
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